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Commission Me

I’d love to make mosaics as special gifts, or for your home as a special point of interest, as a unique art work, which has a practical purpose. I’d also love to paint something that commemorates an occasion, or a place, or has a decorative purpose. I tend not to keep a stock of ready made mosaics, and I’m not a print-maker, so each piece I make or paint is essentially a commission, and that’s what I find most inspiring. Whatever you’d like please, do contact me via the contact page.

Mosaics: As each piece is made individually, even something quite simple like a pattern of uncut tiles will require a conversation to make the right thing, in the right range of colours for someone. This process can be quick or require lots of iterations, especially if you’d like sketches of the final piece to make sure it’s right for your requirements. So as a rough guide, something very simple like a 6″ x 6″ trivet in uncut tiles would be about  £45, but something that’s an image or writing in cut tiles, or in smalti, would be £100 or more. For 12″ x 12″ trivets, prices would start at £70 for something simple and uncut and from £200 for anything more complicated. As examples, the Small Smalti Patchwork 6″ x 6″ would be £150, the Birthday Pan Stand 12″ x 12″ would be £250, something like the Beachfire mosaic would be around £5,000.

Paintings: These are trickier to price, particularly if the painting is on an object that must be sourced, but as a rough guide, the Dressing Up Box cost £1,200 and the Fireplace Painting £250. I normally paint using acrylic on board. If you’d like me to get a painting framed I’d add the price of framing and a little extra for my time to sort that out. Murals and larger works would need careful planning, and I’d be happy to give a price based on the size and complexity of the work once we’ve met up to talk about it. I’m based in London, and, for now, I’m only going to work in situ (murals) in the London area.

Please allow lots of time for a commission, especially if you have a deadline date, at least four weeks for a small item and a couple of months for a large item.

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