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Thanks for looking round my art blog. This is a new venture for me, a way to round up years of work, and to show new pieces as I make them. I’ve made art for people, professionally and as gifts ever since art school in the late 80’s where I studied for a degree in theatre design. I’ve also done many, many different things with my time, but, whatever else I’ve been doing, making artworks has been a constant source of absorbing pleasure.

Below: Me in 1998, drawn by an artist in a random life class I was assigned to, who turned out to be the artist  Mary Cossey as identified by a friend of mine who looked at this page and said ‘oh yes, I know who that’s by’ which was excellent, as I couldn’t precisely make out her signature. Her drawing skills are magic, and it was very kind of her to hand over this sketch to me just because I liked it. (It was my only foray into being a life model, for an article on Radio 4 where I was investigating ‘keeping still’. I did offer to take my clothes off, but they didn’t want me to, wasn’t sure if I should feel relieved or offended.)

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  1. Hilary Dunk #
    February 1, 2013

    Hello Kate?
    Like your work……came across it a few mins ago on a link to the Scottish Colourists……….I did glass as a workshop activity on a Foundation Course at Wimbledon Art School in the early 70’s……..would like to get back into it as an addition to painting. Maybe enrol at an evening class next term …..

    When I’m feeling a bit richer, (no work at present) I’ll buy something. Will book mark your site till then.

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