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Feet Around The Beachfire

September 13, 2011


Here’s a commission I did for a great traveler. (It’s not a bent mosaic, it’s two photos stuck together.) I imagined him on a beach, perhaps the coast of Africa. The original title was ‘Plenty Of Feet Around The Fire’, which I liked as a aural pun, but I was vetoed, or feetoed, I suppose. I made it by gluing it face down (i.e. mirror image wise) onto brown paper and then transferring it pre-grouted to a cemented board. It’s big, about 5 x 5 feet, and made to hang outside in mostly ceramic mosaic tiles. Underneath, this was the drawing to show what I was aiming for. I think the mosaic is now in Canada with its owner, and I hope brings a flavour of adventure in a happy settled life.

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  1. September 13, 2011

    We would love to post both of these at toemail if you do not mind?

    We’d just need a location to post for them and we’d be good to go!

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