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Art Deco Swimmers

May 7, 2012


A birthday gift, 12 x 12″ glass mosaic. The brief was ‘something art deco and the recipient likes those ladies you see on 1920s posters’. So interesting brief and I like a bit of deco myself. I’ve never attempted faces on a mosaic before and I didn’t know how they’d turn out. I used Egyptian jewellery colours, since art deco went hand in hand with the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922. I visited Egypt for a holiday in 2009, and got well into the ancient Egyptian archaeology – really weird, beautiful and absorbing. There was one ancient funerary building at Saqqara that was 5 thousand years old or so, that looked like a 1930’s film set, so art deco was it – scroll down this wiki page, small image of walls right hand side and go on holiday there – it’s amazing.

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