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Posts tagged ‘stained glass’

Four Fish

January 29, 2012


In 2005 my good friend Anne left London to go back to Scotland with her big bump to start a new phase of life as a mum. As a consequence of this move I was the recipient of a load of stained glass, a whole shelf full. I don’t know why it’s taken me um…7 years to make a mosaic out some of it, but as I was thinking of making a mosaic for my neighbour Mary for her birthday, and Mary’s a blue glass fan…anyway – I’m rambling. I love the colours, and I love the shapes that are bigger than you can get with glass tiles, I love everything. I will be making more pieces with glass, and popping over to a glass shop ASAP for some more colours to add to the mix. I’m excited.

PS spot the four fish.

Stained Glass Design

October 23, 2011


I was asked to design something for a front door that was sadly lacking in the stained glass department. I didn’t make this stained glass, I don’t have the skills for that, but I did make a design drawing for the stained glass people and look what a great job they made of it.