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Posts tagged ‘mural’

Paris Mural

September 22, 2011


This is a mural I did as a teenager – in my old bedroom. Quite a feat looking back. I loved Paris and someone taught me how to blow up an image, well, my favourite picture of the place by M. Fegendrey, Place du Tertre, a rainy evening in spring, (summer?) got the treatment. It’s just a tiny bit kitch, but I like it. I can’t show it looking pristine, it’s the wall of an office now, hence junk (sorry). The point is, as I did with theatrical scene painting years later, I can blow things up.

   The original print, used to blow up the image onto the wall.

Fish Floor

September 15, 2011


This mural predates the current fashion for fish that nibble your feet to remove hard skin. I was given carte blanche to create an interesting loo, so I went for the sensation that while you were sitting there curious orange fish were intrigued by your toes. Apparently it was a bit unsettling for some guests.