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Posts tagged ‘green’

Autumn Leaf

December 22, 2011


Glass mosaic of a leaf, inspiration below. As with other iridescent mosaics it looks completly different in different lights, so here’s two versions anyway. It was a challenging subject, the leaf was a beautiful colour, and very intricate and subtle. I had to use sixths of a tile to feel like I’d got the scale right, so it looks fairly randomly organised.  I bought some yacht varnish for the back as it’s going to be hung up outside.  I explained to the man in the sailing fandangle shop that I didn’t have a yacht, I think that may have been unnecessary on reflection.

Birthday Pan Stand

September 14, 2011


This is a ‘hidden’ message. Within the mosaic it says Jim 75, and was made for Jim, when he was 75. (I didn’t really need to explain that did I.)  It could have blatantly just been a design made from the name Jim and numbers 7 and 5, but I figured that something that looked like gentle rolling hills etc., in greens would be easier on the eye and better for the owner to use without drawing too much attention to Jim’s name, or age – if you see what I mean, but still be a nice reminder of his special birthday.  I hope that’s clear. So the point I’m trying to make is, hidden messages, more hidden than this even, can be employed in a mosaic. The mosaic is 1 x 1 foot (33cm x 33cm).