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Posts tagged ‘flowers’

Birthday Roses

September 30, 2013


roses 80Dinner plate sized, this mosaic in cut glass is an image of a rose called Sweet Shirley, in dappled foliage/background  – it was commissioned for an 80th birthday as a wall plaque. Can you spot the 80? And can you guess what the Birthday Girl’s name was?


Springburst Trivet

June 4, 2012


I’ve learned how to cut glass, properly. I couldn’t understand how it was done before, I watched loads of YouTube videos on how to cut glass, “you just make a fluid motion with your cutter, hear the lovely crunchy sound, tap tap and da dah!” (Perfect curved piece of glass flops onto tabletop.) Well, this time the birthday present brief was, bright colours, flowers maybe, and straight lines. So I had to just perfect the art of cutting glass, I couldn’t get away with nibbling it with my usual mosaic nippers. I persevered, put some nice oil into the glass cutter, and finally understand the crunchy sound – you have to press harder than I was doing, fundamentally. So here we are, a piece with lots of straight lines, made mostly with my favourite thing, different green glasses – it’s 12″ x 12″.