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100th Birthday Present

September 3, 2013


G&P HR_Blackbg

Here’s a mosaic I made for my friends who have the most beautiful house in France. The name of the house is an old fashioned French word for ‘Forge’, which it used to be, but my friends are known for their love of food and entertaining and indeed their joint 100th (49 + 51) was a party party party, with many many fab friends and family joining them for a summer Friday to Monday of chateaus, pools, fine food, an open air Cat On A Hot Tin Roof screening, and generous hospitality. It was a truly wonderful weekend.

So, I’ve turned Forge into barbecue, bashing metal into bashing steak, and attempted to hint at the beautiful ‘Gers’ landscape and far Pyrenees surrounding them. I’ve written a really subtle message round the bottom to commemorate the weekend too. It’s a largish mosaic diameter 15″, on marine ply because it’s for the outside, and using a mixture of cut sheet glass and ceramic tiles. The white tiles wont take a sooty grout, so I’ve used a lighter colour, which gives a more subtle look.


October 10, 2012


The sun was out for a bit when I photographed this 10″ x 10″ trivet. This was another commission, and the birthday recipient I was told loves irises and the colour purple. Well, say no more. I looked at Tiffany for inspiration for this one and though that was a bit un-nerving due to his immense mosaic talent (and immense mosaics – we’re talking whole walls), I took a deep breath and balanced large pieces  of glass with small detail and purples with yellow greens to bring out the colours. You can put a hot pan on it, but you know – I sort of hope this one ends up on a wall.


Birthday Pan Stand

September 14, 2011


This is a ‘hidden’ message. Within the mosaic it says Jim 75, and was made for Jim, when he was 75. (I didn’t really need to explain that did I.)  It could have blatantly just been a design made from the name Jim and numbers 7 and 5, but I figured that something that looked like gentle rolling hills etc., in greens would be easier on the eye and better for the owner to use without drawing too much attention to Jim’s name, or age – if you see what I mean, but still be a nice reminder of his special birthday.  I hope that’s clear. So the point I’m trying to make is, hidden messages, more hidden than this even, can be employed in a mosaic. The mosaic is 1 x 1 foot (33cm x 33cm).