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100th Birthday Present

September 3, 2013


G&P HR_Blackbg

Here’s a mosaic I made for my friends who have the most beautiful house in France. The name of the house is an old fashioned French word for ‘Forge’, which it used to be, but my friends are known for their love of food and entertaining and indeed their joint 100th (49 + 51) was a party party party, with many many fab friends and family joining them for a summer Friday to Monday of chateaus, pools, fine food, an open air Cat On A Hot Tin Roof screening, and generous hospitality. It was a truly wonderful weekend.

So, I’ve turned Forge into barbecue, bashing metal into bashing steak, and attempted to hint at the beautiful ‘Gers’ landscape and far Pyrenees surrounding them. I’ve written a really subtle message round the bottom to commemorate the weekend too. It’s a largish mosaic diameter 15″, on marine ply because it’s for the outside, and using a mixture of cut sheet glass and ceramic tiles. The white tiles wont take a sooty grout, so I’ve used a lighter colour, which gives a more subtle look.

Juliette Stripe

January 20, 2013




A birthday commission for Juliette. Blues and greens together, I’ll be honest, is not something I’d have done unprompted, but that was the brief and I love the result. With the addition of a tiny bit of purple-blue and iridescent blue/purple the colours seem very happy together, so much so that I’m calling this set of colours ‘Juliette’ from now on. The trivet/wall piece is 8″ x 8″.

Blossom Mirror

January 18, 2013


Item For Salecrythmirror

Click on this image (as with all the images on the site) to see the full version, but please don’t judge me on the messiness of my workroom – I must take a better picture of this mirror. It’s all cut glass, and the edge to edge diameter is 16″, it’s a good size. The edges are lined with lead strip for neatness. It’s for sale at £200 if you’d like it. It’s pretty and in subtle tones, with lots of detail. If you buy it and you live in London Uk I’ll bring it to you to save on postage. Please contact me if you’re interested.

Willow Mirror

January 18, 2013



Item For SalewillowmirrorHere’s a mirror that needs a home, if you like it it’s £60, it’s 10″ x 10″ and the mirror part is 3.5″ x 3.5″. Please get in touch if you’d like to buy it.

King William

October 10, 2012


This is smaller than usual (4″ x 6″) and I made it for my uncle. It’s a statue of King William of Orange that graces the Town Square where he lives. It’s mirror and iridescent blue glass and I’m quite surprised given the experimental approach that you can tell it’s chap on a horse in silhouette, from below – in case you were wondering.

Happy Birthday Uncle R

Ammonite Birthday Plaque

June 11, 2012


This is a glass mosaic wall plaque for outside, too big to be on a table really at 14″ diameter. It’s for my Dad who is 75 today, and by trade a geologist. Ammonites look lovely as fossils, well they are only fossils now as they are extinct poor dears, but millions of years ago there were more than millions of them swilling around in the sea, so now they are dead common as fossils. They were cephalopods, which means both head and feet stick out of the same place, and are quite like modern day Nautiluses. This is a picture of a living one. Anyway, well done to them, they have achieved immortality in every fossil shop you ever go in. It’s a rainy rainy day here – so the picture looks a bit dull, and the round cut sea bubbles around the creature are more blue green in real life – I’ll take another picture when it’s hung on a sunny day.

Happy Birthday Dad!